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The CPM-100 has virtually limitless applications and is used by companies all over the world. From schools and train stations, to factories and space programs, everyone has found a use for the custom marking system. The CPM combines a high precision cut-rotor with durable thermal printing technology.

This printer combines thermal printing and vinyl cutting technology, together with our tried and tested software to produce multiple colour outputs. So for example you can cut multi-coloured labels that can then be contour cut to the size required.


With a print length of up to 2 metres, large labels and signs can be created, as well as multiple custom-cut labels. For instance, if printing a run of typical asset labels, 25mm*50mm, the CPM 100-G3U G3U can produce over 150 in one go.


Using thermal technology gives vibrant, robust, UV stable, chemical resistant, water-proof signs and labels, which are instantly ready for outdoor use.


Custom signage and labelling is often a necessary but expensive part of any business; it creates a lot of waste. However, with the CPM 100-G3U, you can save money by eliminating waste and decreasing purchasing costs.

Waste Elimination Example:-

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CPM-100HG3 & CPM-100G3



Printer Selection

Printing Method

Thermal Transfer

Printing Resolution

203dpi for CPM-100G3 and 400dpi for CPM-100HG3

Printing Speed

1.0” (25mm) / sec at standard

0.5” (12-5mm) / sec for high quality


Cutter Section


0.001”(0.025mm) / Step

Cutting Speed

4.7” (120mm) / sec at maximum

Maximum output rage

4” (100mm) x 78.7” (2000mm)


USB:USB 1.1, allowable cable length78.7” (2m)

Working Environment

Temperature: 10-35°C (50-96°F)

Humidity: 35-80% (no dew condensation allowed)

Power Source

AC 100-240 V 50/60  Hz 1A

Power Consumption

150W at maximum, 20W at stand by

Outer Dimensions



19.8 lbs (9kg)





DOS-V machines with the following conditions - 
* CPU: Intel Pentium 150MHz or better
* Memory: 64MB or better
* Free space of HDD: 100MB or better
* CD-ROM Drive


Windows 10/8.1/8/Vista(64 bit of Windows Vista is not supported)
compatible drivers/applications are available by
downloading from MAX web site


Parallel (Centronics), USB (Ver2.0 full speed)

The MAX CPM-100 handles labelling and signage requirements for Health & Safety, engineering, electrical, plant ID, product ID, pipe marking, admin, chemical ID, facilities management, control panels and more.


• On-demand custom labels.

• Multi-colour printing.

• Cut labels to any shape required.

• Print barcodes & variable data.

• Print your own logos, diagrams and schematics.

• Our CPM-100 software clip art includes more than 3,800 symbols.


Included MAX Bepop Software: The MAX Innovative Bepop Series software, is a very advanced printing software, which enables you to incorporate sequential numbering, information from database and even barcodes. With a comprehensive clip art gallery containing more than 3,800 symbols, all health and safety needs are taken care of. In addition to the built-in symbols, you can easily introduce your own logos, diagrams and schematics. Some of the features of MAX Bepop software are listed below:

Auto Copy: Make automatic copies of labels, and let the software position the data in the most cost efficient way.

Serial Numbering: Serialize numbers and letters.

Barcoding: Make QR codes, UPC codes and much more!

CSV Database Connect: Automatically fill in labels using content from a spreadsheet.

Bepop Scan: Import company logos and symbols using Bepop Scan.

Photo Images: Print mono-colour photo images.

Cut Lettering: Change letters from printing data to cutting data with the click of a button.

Bordering: Use the bordering tool to automatically draw a cutting line around shapes and letters.

Symbols and Templates: Choose from over 1,200 symbols and templates.

Vinyl Sheet roll Box ( 2 Rolls / Box) (10Meters / Roll)

LH Sheet Roll Box (1 Roll / Box) (15 Meters / Roll)

Ink Ribbon Roll (55 meter / Roll)

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