LEIBINGER JET3up PI pigment printer

Do you want to mark dark surfaces in high contrast with a LOT number or meter marking? Then you need a Special Inkjet Printer that can process pigmented inks (also known as contrast inks or opaque inks) to create a good contrast level on the product.

The JET3up PI is a combination of a unique hydraulic system with an integrated ink agitator and a fully automated interval mode for production shutdowns. This means that the ink regularly circulates through the entire inkjet printer. These processes prevent the pigments from permanently setting.

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  • Easy handling

The Windows-based interface allows intuitive handling of the printer. The great variety of functions are clearly shown on the 10.4" touch display.

  • Flexible integration 

Numerous interfaces on the back of the printer make the integration of the printer very easy. The JET3 offers, for example, connections for USB, Ethernet and digital I/O.

  • Highest availability

State-of-the-art technology such as the LEIBINGER nozzle seal and the hydraulics design without permanently operated pressure pumps lead to minimum service and highest availability

  • Reliability

The use of high quality components, the automatic control as well as the monitoring of all parameters such as ink pressure, drop break-off point and viscosity guarantee highest reliability. Quality "made in Germany".

  • Efficiency

The minimal use of ink, solvent and energy as well as minimum maintenance provide highest efficiency.

  • Automatic nozzle seal 

Nozzle and gutter tube close airtight. This prevents drying of ink in the print head. Even after a long-term shut-down of the printer, an instant start without cleaning is guaranteed.


In the area of industrial inkjet technology, LEIBINGER stands for innovation and quality of the highest degree. The printers made in Germany with the well-established LEIBINGER logo prove their reliability and capacity daily.


Print performance /functions

  • Printing speed up to 6.6 m/s (10 cpi). Printing height 0.8 to 16 mm, depending on nozzle size and head type
  • Country and industry-specific fonts, Arabic, Cyrillic, Chinese, Persian
  • Fonts: from 5x5 to 32x24, special fonts, user-programmable fonts, tower printing
  • Fonts and graphics can be positioned and combined in the print jobs as desired
  • Proportional function for all fonts
  • All major barcodes and data matrix codes (ECC200), GS1 Data Matrix (EAN/ECC)
  • 10 individually programmable counters, consecutive numbering, production counter, meter marking with "Meter Go" function
  • Dynamic backward printing, for traversing lines
  • Programmable batch production and interlinking of multiple jobs
  • Stop function after reaching preselected amount


Operation/data input

  • 10.4" colour TFT touch-screen display (SVGA)
  • Creating and editing jobs during production
  • Country-specific on-screen key pad
  • Available menu languages, depending on language package
  • Integrated font and graphic editor
  • Alternate control using the data interface (serial or Ethernet)
  • Operation also by mouse or key board
  • Comprehensive self-diagnosis and status display with easy-to-understand text, help function, printer status display
  • Storage of numerous jobs and graphics (storage extension via SD-Card)
  • Windows-based interface, WYSIWYG, real-time updating of display

Ideal for Dark substrates & UV Resistant Imprints:
The JET3up PI is ideal for marking and coding applications in which a strong contrast is to be created between the imprint and a product with a darker substrate. For example – black cables, pipes, wires, automotive parts or brown beer bottles that have to be marked in white for clearer legibility.

One-of-a-kind Technology keeps ink homogeneous:
A special combination consisting of the hydraulic system, the “Sealtronic“ system and the stirring device in the JET3up PI ensures that the pigmented inks do not settle, making them ready to use at all times. During breaks in production, an automatic timer ensures that the agitator stirs the opaque inks regularly—even when the printer is switched off. The automated “Sealtronic” nozzle seal ensures that the nozzle is sealed airtight, allowing ink to be circulated through the entire system.

No Cost intensive-external compressed air or gear wheel pumps:
The low-maintenance hydraulics concept ensures that the LEIBINGER JET3up PI pigmented inkjet printers do not require costly external compressed air to generate the ink pressure, nor do they need maintenance-intensive gear-wheel pumps. This eliminates the possibility of contaminating the pigmented ink using compressed air (water, oil, rust) and avoids unwanted heating of the ink by gear-wheel pumps.



  • The automated “Sealtronic” nozzle seal ensures that ink does not dry out, even during lengthy breaks in production
  • Windows-based touchscreen display for convenient operation
  • Height of the fonts: 5-32 drops
  • Up to 5-line texts can be printed
  • Over 800 user-friendly functions
  • Non-contact marking at up to 10 m/s
  • 2-year warranty
  • All software updates included
  • Easy maintenance
  • Easy integration thanks to a wide variety of interfaces.

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