PIY Ribbon Printers

The PIY RIBBON PRINTER allows the creation of beautiful satin ribbons with a personal message. It is the latest trend in gift wrapping.

The starter kit includes all the essentials to ensure complete customer satisfaction:

•  Cables and setup Manual

•  Ribbons and ink

•  Tablet with stand

•  Printer with cutter


•  Extra Printer

The PIY Printers are fast and therefore, when the gifts are being wrapped, the customers can work on making them more personal. In just 3 simple steps, they can create a customized ribbon to go with flowers, wines or chocolates!

1. Choose a Theme (Birthdays, Anniversaries, Festivals, Corporate gifting, etc.)

2. Personal Message (Add name, text, smiley)

3. Print ribbon (Choose color)

The easy operation of the printer facilitates fast service to the customers as the final product is ready in just 15 minutes!

1. Suitable for all retailers

2. Brand Marketing

3. Increased turnover/revenue

4. Superior quality finish

5. Best prices of the ribbon and ink

Different coloured Satin ribbon Rolls (20mm, 40mm, 70mm, 100mm rolls)