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The world’s most compact mobile printer. It’s ultra-portable, lightweight, and easy to operate. Capable of printing anywhere, at any angle, without ink leakage.

The lightest mobile printer, weighting only 1 kg (2.21 lb)

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1000 g


212 x 135 x 120 mm


2.8” LCD with LED backlight

User Interface

Digital Menu Selection for easy to operate

Input Device

Pocket-sized IR remote keypad

LED Indicators

Alarm, Ink low, Print, Remote on/off, Run

Electrical Requirements

AC 100V~240V, 50/60Hz

Operating Temperature

5℃-40℃ (41℉-104℉)

Data Interface

SD Card


NP3 (42ml), NP4 (42ml), SP4 (42ml)

Max Print Height

12.7 mm (0.5 inch)

Printable Lines

up to 4 lines

Print Capability

Alphanumeric, Barcode, Batchcode, Date / Time (Auto), Expire Date (Auto calculated), Logo (bitmap), Product Counter, Shift

Print Color

Black, Blue, Green, Red, Yellow

Printable Substrates

Porous, Semi-Porous

Print Speed

45 m/min


12 months

Ultra Lightweight

The world's lightest mobile printer, weighing only 1kg (2.21lb)

Full-colour LCD Display

2.8-inch colour LCD with LED backlit screen.


One tiny box with all the accessories you will ever need: U2 mobile, remote keypad, 2 high capacity rechargeable batteries, battery charger, SD card and SD card reader.

SD Card Slot Design

Easy software upgrade and data backup.


Capable of printing anywhere, at any angle, without ink leakage.

Pocket-sized Remote Keypad

Handy and compact remote keypad with comprehensible design for easy operation.


Ink cartridge design with zero-maintenance and downtime costs.

Long Lasting Battery

7 hours of continuous printing with more than 200,000 characters.

600 dpi (For U2 HD Only)

2X the resolution for printing crisp & precise HD barcodes. Now available on both U2 & U2-mobile

More Ink Selections

Now you can print onto a variety of substrates using ANSER’s new Inkfinity ink family


Our standard ink cartridge for the Anser TM1000 printer features the darkest ink available that’s still flexible enough to be applied to many surfaces. This ink cartridge will work great on all semi-porous materials, including cardboard boxes and shipping labels.

Check out our entire Inkfinity line of ink cartridges for the versatile Anser TM1000 Printer.

Anser Printer Ink Details:

• 42cc • Black Ink

• For Semi-Porous Materials

• 600 DPI


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