ANSER Consumables

Impressive Range of Thermal Inkjet Inks

Take your printing, marking, or coding standards to the next level with ANSER’s top-notch inkjet inks. From high-speed printing at 35-degree Celsius to low-speed case coding at 15-degree Celsius, ANSER provides you with numerous ink options to match your production requirement.

ANSER offers various ink types based on the type of substrate you want to work on.

  • Water Based Ink – Porous and Semi-porous Substrates
  • Solvent Based Ink – Non-porous Substrates
  • Specialty Ink – Special Applications

ANSER follows a rigorous quality control process to make sure that the highest quality standards are always maintained. All our efforts are focused on reducing downtime risks and delivering maximum satisfaction to our customers.

Why Choose ANSER’s Consumables?

  • Continuous Print Reliability
  • High-speed and High-resolution Printing
  • Stability Under High/Low Temperature
  • Fast Production Coding
  • Non-contact Coding
  • Accurate Product Traceability
  • Maintenance-free Inks
  • Eco-friendly

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