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The right ink and solvent for the right task

We provide a complete range of inks and solvents for every inkjet printer, from fast-drying solvent inks to pigmented inks for legible marking on dark surfaces. We also offer specialty inks for complex customer requirements, such as color changing, sterilization, fluorescent, adhesive, alcohol-resistant and security inks.

These inks can work on various substrates like, Paper, PET, PVC, HDPE, XLPE, LSZH, NYLON, Rubber, Glass, Metal, etc.
A member of the nano Ink Network, enabling us to collaborate with other industry players to improve ink formulation, we offer inks that permit outstanding print and resolution quality and offer extremely high smear and abrasion resistance. Colors include black, yellow, red, orange, white, blue, green, and silver-grey.

The offering includes –

  • Fast-drying solvents inks (<1sec)
  • Variety of pigmented contrast inks (opaque inks)
  • Temperature-resistant inks (up to 1000 degrees)
  • PVC inks (vinyl inks/transfer-resistant inks)
  • UV-curable, halogen-free and aviation-approved inks
  • Custom special inks
  • MEK – free, ketone – free and alcohol – based inks
  • Food – grade ink and food packaging inks
  • Halogen – free inks
  • Special inks, such as security, colour changing, sterilization, washable, adhesive and alcohol resistant inks
  • Vulcanization Inks

and many more…

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