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Sealtronic – our secret weapon against downtime. It removes the cleaning problem altogether so you enjoy faster start-up, greater productivity, lower costs and more consistent print quality. With Sealtronic your production line is ready when you are.

For customers around the world, the JET2neo is the “go-to” continuous inkjet printer, capable of all standard applications.

Our Secret Weapon Against Downtime

With continuous inkjet printing, any pause in production often results in dried ink and blocked nozzles. Not with Leibinger’s unique Sealtronic technology. When production stops, the nozzle retracts, closing the ink loop and preventing it from drying out. To start again, the nozzle extends out again and carries on printing.

Since there is no cleaning cycle necessary, you don’t need an additional cleaning solvent. There is no impact on the viscosity of the ink or the quality of the first few prints either. Sealtronic removes the cleaning problem altogether so you enjoy faster start-up, greater productivity, lower costs and more consistent print quality.

Conserving Consumables – Designed to Reduce Cost

Each Leibinger inkjet printer operates at only 20 W, taking very little power to achieve great print. We minimize the amount of solvent and ink used through innovations such as the thermal barrier within the cabinet, which separates the ink circuit from electronic components.

Keeping ink cool means less evaporation. And of course, Sealtronic technology reduces solvent evaporation by not exposing the ink to the air. In addition, our high-capacity ink bottles provide 19% more production in each bottle. Our bottles empty completely, giving you more print per bottle and easy recycling with no hazardous residue.

Made to Last – and Easy to Maintain

Leibinger printers are not only made to the highest engineering standards but also have unique features that make them more reliable to use and easier to maintain. The print head is made of highly durable materials – but is also designed so virtually all head components can be replaced separately if required.

The stainless steel housing is built to last and our smart pump system runs every six seconds instead of running continuously. This means less wear and tear, lower power cost, and longer life. Leibinger printers are simple enough to maintain in-house and will work hard to keep you productive for years.

Easy to Use, Easy to Integrate

Our products are designed to keep your production line moving. By providing a variety of different models along with a range of accessories, we ensure that Leibinger printers can be integrated into virtually any production line. We have pressurized print heads, sliding tables, etc and the JETmotion traverse system.

We make sure it is as easy to use as your PC, with a clear and intuitive WYSIWYG display. We wanted to make sure our printers fit effortlessly into your business – because we wanted you to spend less time setting up, and more time coding.


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