Linx Consumables

Specialist Inks and Fluids for Industrial Applications

Linx offers a wide variety of industry-leading inks and fluids for printing and coding equipment. These inks and fluids are useful for numerous applications such as traceability, security, edible goods, harsh production environments, etc.

Types of Inks

  • General Purpose Black Inks
  • Special Adherence Inks
  • Food Grade Inks
  • Contrasting Inks
  • Process Specific Inks
  • Security (UV Readable) Inks
  • Coloured Inks

Linx also has special inks for large character marking which are fast-drying and have a low odour. This makes them perfect for food packaging applications. It is also suitable for outer case coding, product identification, corporate branding, ingredient labelling, etc.

The Advantages of Linx Inks

  • Fast, Error-free Refills
  • Good Heat Tolerance
  • Solvent Resistance
  • Anti-counterfeiting Applications
  • Prevents Costly Printer Repairs
  • Highest Quality Standards of Inks

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