JET Rapid Wire Pi
Outstanding Speed, Outstanding Contrast

With a 60 μm nozzle and 700 m / min print speed, the LEIBINGER Jet Rapid Wire Pi is the perfect printer for cable printing on cables of diameter up to 5 mm. It provides single-line printing. With fast-drying solvent inks, the Jet Rapid Wire Pi speeds up your printing processes significantly

The CIJ printer for high-speed processes using high-contrast pigmented ink
If cable, wire and pipe surfaces are dark in color, it can be a problem. You need pigmented ink for contrast, but you still need high speeds. The JET Rapid Wire PI brings you the best of both: its unique system for keeping the pigment circulating prevents quality issues and blockages, and it can also maintain incredible output of up to 700 m/min. No need to slow down or tone down. Bright, legible coding at super-fast speed, backed up by Leibinger reliability.



  • Print Speed of 700 m / min
  • 60 μm Nozzle
  • Single-line Printing
  • For Pigmented and Non-pigmented Ink
  • Printing for Cables, Wires, Hoses, and Pipes

Print Output/ Functions
Print speed up to 700 m/min
Character height 1.0 to 2.4 mm, depending on nozzle size and head type
Country- and industry-specific fonts: Arabic, Cyrillic, Chinese, Persian, etc.
Print modes: from 3×7 to 7×5, special fonts, user-programmable fonts, vertical printing, line mode. Which print modes are available depends on the selected options
Single-line printing
Fonts and graphics can be positioned and combined in print jobs as required
Proportional function for all fonts
Adjustable font height and font width
All standard barcodes (print height: 7 dots)
Time, auto-adjustable date, auto-adjustable expiration date, weekdays, calendar weeks, Julian calendar, shift identification
Replacements: all date, time and counter functions can be set using user-programmed replacements
32 individually programmable counters, consecutive numbering, production counter, meter marking with “Meter Go” function
User-programmable graphics/logos can be created in the integrated editor
Multistage contrast and bold function, print repetition, print delay, backward print, rotation/mirroring of text, inverse, reverse and alternating prints (object-dependent)
Dynamic backward printing for traversing lines
Programmable batch production and interlinking of multiple jobs
“External text” function from scanner or interface
Processing of variable data from external files on USB stick or interface
Function to stop printing when preselected amount has been reached
Product jam detection, product position monitoring
Autostart function
Prompt function (quick access)
Solvent saving mode
Self-test function
Data Management/ Security
Data buffer in case of power failure
File manager
Job management with saved machine parameters
Data logging, production log
Upload and download of jobs and graphics from USB stick or over network
Select jobs (1023 jobs can be selected via the PLC or scanner)
Handling / Data Input
10.4″ color TFT touchscreen display (SVGA)
Create and edit jobs during production
User-defined buttons for direct access
Menu languages: European languages, Vietnamese, Arabic, Chinese, Thai, Korean, Cyrillic, Persian, etc.
Integrated font and graphics editor
Illustrated operator instructions
Alternative control using the data interface (serial, Ethernet)
Country-specific on-screen key pad
Operation optionally using mouse or key pad
Comprehensive self-diagnosis and status display with easy-to-understand text, help function, printer status display
Storage of numerous jobs and graphics
Password function and service menu
Windows-based interface, WYSIWYG, real-time display updates
Remote control via VNC
Interfaces, Inputs/outputs
Product detector input PNP/NPN 24 V, FIFO buffered
Incremental encoder input (TTL 5 V, HTL 24 V, RS422 5 V)
9 digital inputs and 8 digital outputs. Freely selectable
Printer alarm, low fluid, print ready, print finished, external job selection, etc.
Serial port RS232 up to 115,200 baud
USB port
Ethernet (industry standard M12D), script protocol
Sensor for product monitoring and speed measurement
Optional: Special interface for connecting multiple printers
Leibinger Hydraulic System
Low maintenance diaphragm pumps with optimized on-time
Fully automatic viscosity and pressure control
Thermally isolated hydraulics
No external compressed air supply necessary
Automatic interval function
EcoSolv – solvent recycling system (optional)
Supplied with 2 printhead covers
Flexible break-resistant umbilical, length: 3 m
Stainless steel cabinet
Fully automatic “SEALTRONIC” nozzle and gutter seal
Fully automatic drop charging, drop break off
Nozzle size: 60 μm, depending on model
Any installation location, even for overhead applications
Safety switch for locking the printhead
External head ventilation
Options: umbilical at 45° to 90° angle, various printhead versions
Automatic inkjet monitoring
Storage Tank
Capacity of non-pressurized ink and solvent storage tank: 1.3 l, can be topped up during production
Fill level display with fully automated monitoring
Display for pending printouts
Which inks are available depends on the printer type and the selected options
Ink consumption: up to 160 million characters/l (matrix 5×5 / nozzle 50 μm)
Solvent consumption: Can be reduced to less than 1.2 ml/hour using EcoSolv (depending on nozzle size, solvent base and ambient temperature); various pigmented and soft pigmented inks
Fast-drying solvent inks (<1 sec)
Weights and Protection Classes
Weight: Printhead 1.5 kg, cabinet 20.5 kg
IP 54 protection class
Power Ratings and Ambient Conditions
100 – 240 V, 50 – 60 Hz, typically 20 W
Temperature range + 5 °C to + 45 °C
Relative humidity max. 90%, non-condensing
Product detector, incremental encoder, printer stand, printhead brackets, alarm lamps, etc.
Software for remote control and multi-head control

  • Cardboard Packaging
  • Beverage Cartons
  • Eggs
  • Flow Wrap
  • Extrusion Parts
  • Face Masks
  • Metal Parts

  • Specialist, high-speed single-line printing up to 700 m/min
  • Unique technology for blockage-free use of pigmented ink
  • Special extremely fast-drying inks with exceptional adhesion, with no ink-bleed
  • Industry-specific tools and customizable buttons for direct access
  • Sealtronic print head technology rids clogging and frequent head cleaning
  • Font height: 5-32 drops
  • Windows-based touchscreen display for convenient operation
  • Multiple fonts and languages
  • All software updates included

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